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About The Trainer

I've been riding for over 15 years now and have been training professionally for 4 years. I opened Pinnacle Stables, LCC. in December of 2012. I specialize in colt starting, problem solving of behavioral issues, and barrel racing. I have dealt with everything from off track thoroughbreds, arabians, friesians, etc. I have numerous placings in the barrel racing world and in judged trail events. I was the winner of the Ultimate X Showdown in 2014 and am currently competing in the Retired Racehorse Project's 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover. You can get more information on this special event on its page here. There are multiple references and video available through out my site as well. Horses have been my lifelong passion and it's my goal to help others achieve their own dreams.


Here at Pinnacle Stables I strive to help every horseman and horse that passes through the barn's doors reach the peak of their performance. Be it you are looking to advance your own skills through lessons, need assistance in bringing your own horse to the next level, or are seeking a new equine companion it is my goal and mission to bring each customer the very best. Safety plays an important role in all aspects of this facility and is second to none. All horses are taught respect and to value the leadership of their human partners through extensive groundwork and a solid foundation. Horses are not taught with mechanical measures but rather in ways that are clear and understandable to them. Students are encouraged to learn and advance their riding abilities and are never put down or placed in harm's way. It is my duty to provide my customers with the pinnacle of their horse-related endeavors.


- Nicole Valeri

(Manager, Trainer, Instructor)


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